About Mintor

We created Mintor for two reasons: the first was our goal to create something that could have an impact on people’s lives; the second was to solve a problem we encountered when learning how to start a business. We sought after every resource we could get our hands on and filtered through a wealth of information to find what we needed.

However, building a business requires more than just personal research; what we needed was guidance. We set out to find a mentor who would allow us to learn from his or her own experiences. Eventually we did, and that relationship proved to be essential to our growth.

During that process we discovered that the hard part is making the connection – finding someone with the right expertise. The same could be said for those looking to mentor others and share their own experience. We knew there must be an easier way.

Our journey led us to uncover an opportunity to enable people to make that connection for themselves. We set ourselves apart by designing something based on the human desire to learn and grow. Mintor aims to do this by establishing a unique platform where people can connect, learn, and grow together.