4 Reasons You Should Get a Mentor

4 Reasons You Should Get a Mentor

Let’s be honest. You’re here because you’re interested in becoming more self-sufficient, connected, and established in your new field or your new business.

If that describes you, you’re already one step ahead of the pack. Respect.

Software company Sage conducted a study on 11,000 businesses in 17 countries and found that while 93% of respondents agreed that mentors could help them succeed, only 28% actually work with a business mentor.

Mintor is bridging that gap by creating a software solution to make mentoring more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

“But why would I get a mentor in the first place?” you may ask. Let’s explore some of the benefits we’ve found from our personal experiences.


1. Professional Development

Just as mentors have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base by sharing their experience and teaching others, you have a great opportunity to get support and guidance from a respected member of the industry.

Mentoring allows you to learn new skills rapidly. You’re learning things straight from someone who has already done the hard part: the trial and error of figuring out which processes work and which don’t.

Mentors are often well connected (which we’ll talk about later), and when you apply the tips and tricks you pick up from them you’re likely to land that promotion you’ve been dreaming about.


2. Mentors Have Expertise

Mentoring can be provided by anyone with something to teach.

It’s a misconception that a mentor has to be the old, balding CEO in the corner office. Mentors, however, frequently are more experienced practitioners in a field who have built a good foundation for themselves and can help others do the same. Notice we didn’t mention age here.

We define a good mentor as anyone with these qualities: knowledge, some expertise, and a willingness to share their skills with others.

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3. Mentors Have Networks, Too

If you’re just getting into a field or starting your business, you’ll likely find yourself with a smaller network than you’d like. Don’t worry, this happens to almost everyone at some point.

The good news is that mentors, having already established themselves as we mentioned earlier, have the ability to reach into their own networks to find you the help you need.

From our personal experience, it’s likely that your mentor won’t have an answer for every problem you come across. In these cases, a good mentor will recognize that they can call up another colleague or friend to help brainstorm the solution with you. This, by association, vastly extends your own network. Countless business connections and partnerships have been born this way.


4. It’s a Supportive Relationship

One of the most important things that set mentoring apart from other learning methods is the relationship formed between a mentor and mentee. Mentoring inherently is a longer-term commitment than other things like tutoring or a traditional classroom setting. This being the case, a mentor is invested in your success and will provide the motivation you need to see your goals accomplished.

A one-on-one environment allows an actual relationship to be formed between you and your mentor in the process. A mentor’s role is to guide, to give advice to, and to support you. Often, mentoring is a reciprocal institution because mentors learn as much from you as you do from them.


What Now?

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Scott is a software engineer and the co-founder and CTO of Mintor where he oversees development operations. He also enjoys fishing, road trips, and craft beer.

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