Connection and Growth, Simplified

A platform for mentors and mentees to connect, learn, and grow together


Connections that matter

We are connected with each other in so many ways. Social media provides a path to connecting with people we may have never expected. With Mintor, you'll find yourself in a community of people looking to help each other through personal connection, collaborative growth, and mentoring.


Mentoring as a process

Mentoring relationships are created on a mutual understanding that sharing knowledge can only push us forward. Mintor values the importance of these relationships and strives to take friction out of the process. Whether you're giving guidance or receiving it, you'll know the steps necessary to make your mentoring relationships a success.

University Mentoring

Benefits of Mentoring Programs

  • Activate and Increase Alumni Engagement
  • Improve Student Retention
  • Increase Graduation Rates
  • Strengthen Peer, School, and Alumni Relationships
  • Leverage Diverse Perspectives and Experience

What You Get with Mintor

  • Smarter Program Management
  • Seamless Communication
  • Administrative Control and Oversight
  • Reports and Insights in Real Time
  • Safe and Secure Online Communities

Are you running a mentoring program? Bring it all together with a platform designed for success.

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Every connection matters. Mintor will use the information you provide during the sign up process to match you with the best possible mentors (or Mintors, as we like to call them). We'll provide the recommendations, but the choice is ultimately yours.


Easy Sign-up

Use your existing accounts to save time during the signup process. Leverage LinkedIn, Facebook or Google to get started faster.


Smart Matching

As a Mintee, our platform will help match you with Mintors that best fit your needs. Choose a recommended Mintor or browse the network through detailed filters. As a Mintor, your areas of expertise will be used to ensure the right Mintees find you.


Community Driven

Connect with as many Mintors and Mintees as you'd like. The platform helps you activate a network of people who are building their visions. However, not every connection has to be an active mentoring relationship.


Learning from each other is the first step toward growth. Set a meeting with your Mintor or Mintee and start your journey!

Learn what you want, when you want, how you want.


Strong Foundations

Relationships are built upon mutual interests and trust. Both Mintors and Mintees must agree to work together. Through an introductory meeting you can get to know your new connection and begin your mentoring relationship.

Simple Scheduling

Simple Scheduling

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. We think you shouldn't waste your time finding out if someone is available. Everyone can set their available hours, so all you need to do is pick a meeting time that best fits your schedule.



Mintors and Mintees can leave reviews after each meeting to share their experiences. This continuous feedback loop fosters community moderation and performance accountability.


Set a learning goal and move forward with the help of your Mintors. Complete tasks, track your progress, and celebrate your success!


Goal Driven

Goals give you a clear vision of what needs to be done. The tools provided give you the control and ability to adjust along the way. The goals you set can be as simple or complex as you need them to be.


Tracked Progress

Your goals don't just have to live in a to-do list. Add Mintors, due dates, and tasks to your goals to develop your ultimate plan for success.


Share Milestones

Every message, call, video chat and goal completed has led us to this point. Reaching every goal is an important step and that should be celebrated. Click and share your progress with friends and family, your network or the entire world (we'll leave that up to you).

Who We Are

We created Mintor for two reasons: the first was our goal to create something that could have an impact on people's lives; the second was to solve a problem we encountered when learning how to start a business. We sought after every resource we could get our hands on and filtered through a wealth of information to find what we needed.

Kasra Khalili

Kasra Khalili

Co-founder, CEO

Scott Knight

Scott Knight

Co-founder, CTO

However, building a business requires more than just personal research; what we needed was guidance. We set out to find a mentor who would allow us to learn from his or her own experiences. Eventually we did, and that relationship proved to be essential to our growth.

During that process we discovered that the hard part is making the connection - finding someone with the right expertise. The same could be said for those looking to mentor others and share their own experience. We knew there must be an easier way.

Our journey led us to uncover an opportunity to enable people to make that connection for themselves. We set ourselves apart by designing something based on the human desire to learn and grow. Mintor aims to do this by establishing a unique platform where people can connect, learn, and grow together.